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Church End Shalford Braintree Essex CM7 5EZ
Executive Headteacher: Mr Justin Wrench
Head of School: Miss Sarah Fletcher
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  • What time does school start and finish?

    School begins at 8.50am daily. However, the gate is open from 8:30am and the children are expected to go straight to their classroom.

    School finishes at 3.05pm for Elm Class and 3:15pm for Ash, Beech and Chestnut.

  • How can I find out about my child’s progress at school?

    We will send you a report every July, towards the end of the academic year. You will also have regular meetings with your child and their teacher at Termly Learning Conferences throughout the year.

    You can make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher at other times, if you have concerns.
    If your child has Additional Learning Needs you will also have regular meetings with your child’s class teacher and the Special Education Needs Co-orinator.

  • What happens if my child is ill or late?

    If your child is ill they need to stay at home. You must call the school office on 01371 850336 to inform the school. You should call every morning that your child is unwell.

    If your child is late arriving at school, please come directly to the school office and sign your child in. 

  • When can I speak to my child’s teacher?  

    You are welcome to speak to your child’s teacher at the end of the school day/session. The start of the day tends to be very busy, so we request that only urgent messages are passed on in the morning. If you require a longer meeting, it should be arranged with your child’s teacher. 

  • Can my child be taken on holiday during term time?

    The school has recently reviewed its policy on Attendance.  Our aim is to encourage and assist all students to reach outstanding levels of attendance and punctuality.  Underpinning this commitment is a belief that students are only able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them if they attend school regularly and punctually. 

    Holidays have an adverse effect on student progress and final examination performance.  The school will, therefore, no longer approve any requests for absence for holidays in term time except under exceptional circumstances  When requesting time off, please complete the 'Absence Request' form and hand it in to the school office.  

  • What should my child wear to school?

    Shalford Primary School has a uniform for daily wear, along with a PE kit.  These can be purchased from School Trends.  Further guidance can be found HERE

  • Can my child have a drink and snack?

    All pupils are encouraged to drink water regularly throughout the day. Pupils should bring a named water bottle to school every day. Bottles should contain water. No juice or squash please.

    A healthy snack is provided free of charge to all pupils up to the end of Year 2.

    All pupils can bring in a healthy snack to eat at break time but no chocolate or crisps please.

  • How do I arrange for my child to have school dinners?

    A dinner register is called by the class teacher every morning to ask children whether they are having a school dinner or packed lunch.
    School meals should be paid for in advance on Friday for the following week. You may, if you wish, pay in advance on a termly, half termly or monthly basis.  Payments should be given to your child’s class teacher or deposited in the drop-box in reception in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class.  Payments should not be made directly to the school office.

    The menu and price can be viewed HERE

  • Is my child entitled to Free School Meals?

    At present, every child in Elm and Ash class are entitled to a free school meal every day! We encouarge child to take this option as reseach clearly shows that a healthy, nutricious diet boosts children's learning. Also, making the most of a FREE meal will save time and hundreds of pounds a year! 

    When the child enters Key Stage 2 (Year 3), this entitlement stops. However, your children could still be entitled to receive a school dinner for a number of reasons. Please click HERE if you wish to make an application and feel free to ring the school office on 01371 850336 if you would like further advice and support.

  • What can my child eat for packed lunch?

    Please give children a healthy and balanced meal with a drink, but no sweets or chocolate bars. No glass bottles or fizzy drinks please. Grapes must be cut for all children.

    Packed lunches should be in a container that is clearly marked with your child’s name.