Harvest Festival 2017

On Monday 16th October the children of Shalford Primary School held a Harvest Festival.  Each class spent time thinking and learning about harvest before the festival and during the service shared the work that they had been doing.

Ash class shared their work first.  They had worked together to learn a story about woodland creatures at harvest time called ‘Tidy’.  Every member of the class had learnt part of the story and the children retold the story from memory.  The class had also made masks of woodland creatures which they wore during the storytelling.  

Chestnut class had thought about how seeds are looked after and harvested; they compared harvest on a farm to harvest at home or on an allotment.  The children had also drawn pictures of root vegetables under the ground, reminding us that we eat the root of the plant.

Elm class had created an alphabet of different food.  They recited the alphabet linking the foods to the sounds of the letters.  They had to work hard to make sure they spoke clearly so everyone could hear them.  Finally, Beech class shared an acrostic poem about harvest.  They had used the letters from harvest festival to make their poems.  Each child had illustrated their poem with images relating to harvest.

Alongside the work that they shared, the children sang a selection of harvest songs and hymns.  The children had worked hard leading up to the service learning the words and practicing the songs.  

During the service the children were asked to bring harvest gifts to the church alter.  The vicar was proud of the generosity shown by the children and families of Shalford Primary School.  All donations were given to Braintree Food Bank to support families and children in need.  Thank you for your kind gifts.  We collected 41.12kg food which is enough to help a family of four for 3-4 days.

We would like to say a very special ‘Thank you’ to Jessie Tabor who kindly came in to school for a rehearsal and played beautifully for us at the church.

The children were a credit to the school throughout the afternoon.  They walked sensibly to the church, sang beautifully for the service and produced some excellent work related to Harvest.